Local Electricity Bill 2

Local Electricity Bill online event

Are you worried about your electricity costs, the power held by large electricity providers, or the likelihood of the UK reaching net-zero carbon by 2050?

If the answer is yes, Energise South Downs invites you to an online talk to find out how the Local Electricity Bill will benefit local economies, by encouraging community renewable energy and allowing local electricity providers to supply local people with fairly-priced power. They will also explore how you can help Power for People get the Bill passed as law.

You can join this online event on Monday 13th February at 7.45pm. Please register HERE.

Energise South Downs, which is a new organisation promoting community-owned renewable energy projects in this area, needs your help. They want to know how you feel about community energy, solar panels and wind turbines. Please spare a few minutes to fill in this short survey.