Are you feeling anxious about climate change? Would you like to explore green energy, talk about gardening for wildlife or chat about recycling and waste management?

Any of the above and much, much more is very welcome conversation material at our weekly Eco Cafe. You are not alone, so please come along and meet local like-minded people.

Join us every Tuesday from 10am - midday in the Courtyard Room at Winton House on the High Street for a chance to meet and talk to others about the climate and nature and everything in between. Access is through the cafe - please bring your keep cup or mug and buy a drink and snack from the cafe or use our supplies for a small donation to PeCAN.

Check our Facebook and Instagram accounts to find out if the next Eco Cafe has a particular theme you might be interested in.

If you aren't able to join us mid-week please check out our next Eco Cafe in the Evening event to see if you can attend then instead. We would love to meet you!