Warmer Homes is a brand name linked to the government's Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (GHG LAD) schemes, which are being run on behalf of Local Authorities and Local Energy Hubs in Hampshire by the installation companies, Agility Eco (GHG LAD Phase 1) and City Energy (GHG LAD Phase 2).

GHG LAD aims to support low income households living in energy inefficient homes. It targets existing homes (not new-builds) with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings of D and below, where combined household income including benefits is no more than £30,000 gross.

The scheme can provide capital funding for measures such as wall, loft and underfloor insulation, as well as low carbon heating technologies and solar photovoltaics. It does not pay for replacement gas boilers or other fossil fuel heating systems. It also does not pay for Whole Home Retrofit Assessments, although PeCAN can arrange one of these for you on a non-profit basis under our Petersfield Area SuperHomes scheme. A competition for Local Authorities and Local Energy Hubs to apply for funding under GHG LAD Phase 3 and under a new scheme that targets low income households in off-gas grid locations, Homes Upgrade Grants Phase 1 (HUG1), was announced in June 2021.

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