Noar Hill, once the site of medieval chalk workings, is a 20 hectare nature reserve that is carpeted with an array of beautiful chalk downland flowers every spring and summer, with around eleven orchid species, including rare musk and frog orchid. The vibrant flowers and the butterflies that feed on them create an oasis of colour among the surrounding fields of crops.

A walk through this unusual and historic landscape is always a fascinating experience with its ridges, banks and hollows that create little niches for all kinds of plants and animals. It is one of the few juniper sites in the south of England.

Melanie will be accompanied on this walk by William Selborne, who will be able to tell you about the Selborne Landscape Partnership – a cluster of local farms who are successfully managing the local area for nature. 

It is recommended that you bring a hand lens/magnifying glass/good camera and/or download the free plant ID app ‘Seek’ on your phone. 

This walk is not suitable for children or dogs.


  • TIME: 15:00 

  • START LOCATION: Selborne Car Park (behind the pub)

  • DISTANCE: 2.7 miles

  • DURATION: approx 2/2.5 hours