PeCAN's mission is to help Petersfield and the surrounding area to reduce carbon emissions and protect nature.  The businesses in Petersfield have a role as they are responsible for approximately 18% of the emissions in the town.  On this page we highlight the support that PeCAN can give to local businesses and the other resources available to support them.

Why consider sustainability?

  • Sustainable businesses get more repeat sales.
  • Sustainable businesses are more profitable, with savings on energy costs, lower staff turnover, and average 3% higher margin from their supply chains.
  • Sustainable businesses find it easier to hire and retain good people.
  • The market is changing: 40% of consumers now choose sustainable brands and 77% people are worried about climate change. 
  • Your business needs it: 40% of SMEs don't know how to green their business. You don't need to be one of them.
  • The planet needs it: businesses account for 18% of the UK's territorial carbon dioxide emissions. 
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Free carbon footprint for your business

You want to reduce your business's carbon emissions, but what's the first step? Experienced PeCAN volunteers are offering a free visit to estimate your business's carbon footprint, showing you at a glance where the problem areas are so you can start making a plan. A carbon footprint is also the first step towards gaining a  Green South Downs Accreditation, a great way to show local customers your green credentials. Email us at [email protected] to book a free carbon footprint.  

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Green South Downs Accreditation

PeCAN are proud to be working in conjunction with the South Downs National Park to promote the Green South Downs Accreditation.

The scheme helps businesses within the South Downs National Park working in the visitor economy, food and drink or land-based sectors on their sustainability journey and get recognition for the work they are doing.  The award is based on three key pillars: People, Place and Planet as well as reducing the environmental impact and resources used.

Participating businesses will be assessed by Green Tourism, and awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold certification.

PeCAN can help you on your journey to getting this accreditation.  We can work with you to calculate your current carbon footprint, and offer discounted rates for accredition for the first 5 businesses that sign up with us.

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer, please contact us.

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Green Business of the Year Award

PeCAN is delighted to sponsor the second Petersfield Green Business of the Year award at the Petersfield Awards in October 2024. Nominations will open in the summer - get ready to rally your supporters! 

The criteria for last year's award were:

  1. Environmental Impact: Measures the business's footprint and efforts to reduce energy, water, waste, and emissions.
  2. Sustainable Practices: Evaluates eco-friendly sourcing, circular economy initiatives, and reduced plastic usage.
  3. Innovation and Green Technologies: Considers adoption of renewable energy, energy-efficient equipment, and smart technologies.
  4. Social Responsibility: Assesses community engagement, diversity, fair labour practices, and social impact projects.
  5. Education and Awareness: Examines efforts to educate and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Details of the shortlisted businesses are here.

The winning business was Refill & Replenish

Grants for local businesses

  • Petersfield Town Council offers grants of up to £3k for environmentally friendly shops in Petersfield town centre, either to help with the first years' business expenses or with a new green initiative at an existing business. Details of the grant policy and Application form.
  • Energy Alton has grants of up to £1k available for small businesses in East Hampshire that have received a free energy survey from them.
  • EHDC has collated details of some business support grants including grants available for installing EV charging points.
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Free Energy Surveys for Small Businesses

Reduce your business' energy bills and cut emissions with a free energy survey from Energy Alton (and pre-qualify for a £1k grant - see above).

Energy Alton's trained volunteers will look at how a building could be improved to reduce heat loss and suggest a range of solutions, from draught proofing to insulation. The survey will also cover advice around heating systems, hot water appliances and lighting plus how ventilation could be upgraded to reduce the risk of damp and condensation.  It is followed up with a written report which details all the ways in which energy costs can be reduced plus information on installers and funding.

Find out more here.

Sustainable transport for your business

Go for Zero is a tool for SMEs thinking of buying an electric van, which allows you to compare ownership and running costs of e-van with your current vehicle. Go for Zero has been supported by InnovateUK to provide easy answers to help small businesses see the potential of switching to electric vehicles charged with clean energy.

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Employee Benefits

When it comes to employees' holidays, Climate Perks might be worth exploring for your business. Climate Perks is a new employee benefit scheme in which climate-conscious employers enable staff to choose slower, cleaner, travel by giving them paid ‘journey days’ on top of annual leave. Find out more here.

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New rules on plastic packaging

From 1 October 2023, businesses can now be fined if they supply members of the public with:

  • polystyrene containers for food and drink;
  • plastic cutlery or balloon sticks;
  • plastic plates, trays and bowls.

There are some exemptions, for example if you are supplying these to other businesses.

Click here for further details.

Links to other sources of help

  • EHDC has a useful webpage and newsletter for local businesses interested in sustainability  
  • Zero Carbon Business has a number of resources including guides on how to reduce emissions in your business.
  • FSB Small Business Sustainability Hub is regularly updated with the latest resources, tools and information to help your small business be more sustainable.
  • UK Business Climate Hub empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to take climate action.
  • Greater South East Net Zero Hub supports the development and financing of local net zero projects.
  • Certified B Corps are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The B Corp Community is a global movement of businesses that provide leadership by demonstrating their commitment to people and the planet. There are now over 5,000 B Corps in 84 countries and covering 157 industries.