While keeping single-use waste to a minimum remains a priority for all of us, it is useful to know what best to do with the waste we create.

We have been working on a recycling directory for Petersfield, and hope you find it useful. You will find details of items you can recycle via your household collection HERE. The below items cannot be recycled in this way and would otherwise go into general waste.

The directory will change over time, with, we hope, more recycling schemes and locations to be added in future. Please contact us if you know of any Petersfield schemes we have not detailed below, or any changes to the locations of schemes listed. 

If you have items you would like to recycle which are not listed, the Recycle Now website is very useful and will provide details of the closest locations if nothing is available in Petersfield. You can also check Terracycle recycling drop off locations HERE.

Together we can reduce waste and keep Petersfield recycling!

Petersfield Recycling Directory