Women Of This Town (WOTT) are gathering in Petersfield Square on Tuesday mornings between 9am-10am. 

The intention is to give a visible indication to local councils that their residents need them to take immediate action to lower carbon emissions. Waiting indoors wasn’t really working, so it's time to head outside.

This is NOT a protest. There are no whistles, banners or glue and WOTT are not affiliated with any other group or organisation. Supported by the Human Rights Act 1998 and in accordance with the recent PCSC bill, they stand together, hands linked in unity. They just stand quietly ‘waiting’.

ALL women are welcome to join WOTT in the square and invited to stay as long as you would like to. We are told that it has been good fun so far, and a great way to build community.

Take a friend! Then head to Winton House afterwards, grab a cup of something hot, and join PeCAN's Eco Cafe to continue the conversation...