Jenny, Eleanor & Phinna have managed ACAN since its inception in 2019 and, with your help and enthusiasm, created a Climate Action Network which is achieving a huge amount and has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and action around the county and beyond.

However, they now feel the time has come to hand over to a new core group of people with the energy, time and determination to bring people together to take positive community action to reduce our impact on the planet.

Who and how this works has got to be up to you, so we are calling an open meeting on:
Monday 29th January at the Alton MaltingsĀ at 7pm

Bring your ideas and enthusiasm and seize the opportunity to get involved with the creation of ACAN Mark 2 with new people at the helm, a new vision and a new approach.

Could you join a working group to carry on developing ideas after the public meeting?

More information here.