Thanks to some generous funding from The Tree Council, PeCAN offered free native hedging plants to East Hampshire residents looking to replace a fence or add a new hedgerow to their garden. Incredibly, these have all been snapped up, meaning 2.7km of hedging will be distributed across the district!

Hedges are great additions to our gardens – they provide acoustic barriers, capture air pollution, help with flood mitigation, offer food and shelter for wildlife and add interesting shape and texture within the garden. 

The Native Hedging Mix contains 65% Hawthorn and at least 5 other native species to create a traditional hedge. The other 5 variable species are usually made up of Blackthorn, Field maple, Dogwood, Crab Apple, Guelder Rose, Dog Rose, and Hazel. None of the plants are poisonous to livestock. 

In addition to the free hedging plants, with support from EHDC, we also offered 1 and 2-year old potted and bare root fruit trees at the hugely subsidised price of £12. Fruit varieties included apple, pear, plum, greengage and cherry. These are now SOLD OUT, which means a record 1000 fruit trees will have been distributed by PeCAN this winter! 

Fruit trees and hedging plants will be available for collection from Petersfield Community Garden at a morning ‘Hedge Fest’ event on Saturday 24th February. This will include free workshops on how to plant and raise trees and hedging plants, how to prune, and how to sow wildflower seeds. There will also be activities for children, and you will be able to check out the brand new traditionally built Eco Shelter!

You can also order trees and hedging plants for collection from Alton, Liphook and Rowlands Castle on the same date (free demos not included at these locations).

Petersfield Community Garden full address: Waterworks Rd, Petersfield, GU32 2AT

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We ask that you please walk or cycle, if you can and if the weather allows. If you are collecting a tree, potted trees can be easily carried, in a bag or backpack, or even secured in a rear bike basket! We have also seen bare root trees transported by bicycle at previous fruit tree collections. There will be bike racks available, both next to the Community Garden and at the Adhurst Allotments entrance area. 

For those travelling by car we ask that you share transport where possible, particularly since we might be busy. Please park on Long Road and walk to the Community Garden pedestrian gate on the corner. This will be the main entrance point. Please take care when crossing the road.