Farming is one of our industries that can play an essential role in delivering environmental and health benefits. Farms have the potential to become carbon neutral, to nurture nature, and to improve human health. 

Farming in Hampshire is changing with these goals in mind and we have examples right on our doorstep. PeCAN is hosting a talk to demonstrate the environmentally responsible measures being taken on Rushmere Farm near Hambledon, part of a 'farm cluster' dedicated to a sustainable future.

The ambition at Rushmere Farm has been to grow food productively, whilst maintaining a place for wildlife. Its final steps towards certified organic, nature friendly farming have embraced a commitment to grow nutrient dense, healthy food, with a positive environmental impact. They produce Toats Mylk (oat milk) which you might have spotted in local low waste shop Refill and Replenish. George Crossley and his parents are pioneers in their field. 

Join us on Thursday 29th February from 6.30pm at Petersfield Museum to hear from Colin Hedley, who facilitates the South Downs Farmers Group, and George Crossley from Rushmere Farm, and take the opportunity to book onto a group farm walk with PeCAN.