The last few months have been the wettest on record, and this is likely to be due, in part, to climate change. The Met Office also estimates that Petersfield will be significantly hotter by 2050, and this change will only accelerate. Indeed, by 2050 Petersfield is likely to be experiencing the climate currently seen in Santander, Spain!

We need to adapt to accommodate to the future, and Petersfield Society's Open Forum is an opportunity for Petersfield residents to hear from those who manage various greenspaces in and around the town. Our speakers are invited to describe the greenspaces they oversee, and outline their ambitions for these spaces over the next three to five years, in the context of the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. The event will also explore the role of you, the local residents, in helping to deliver these ambitions.

The speakers (alphabetically) are as follows:

Jane Brundle Trustee, Merritts Meadow Conservation Trust

Sue Edberg Chair, Petersfield Community Garden

Tim Howes Vice-Chair, currently Acting Chair, Friends of Petersfield Heath

David Petche Chair, Town Development Committee, Petersfield Town Council

The meeting will be chaired by Andy Moffat, Convenor, Green Infrastructure Group, Petersfield Society

Each speaker is invited to talk for 15 minutes, followed by a question and answer session.

Refreshments will be provided.

All welcome. Free entry, but please register your intention to attend.