International Dawn Chorus Day might have been at the start of May, but we are celebrating this wonderful daily symphony in June, for Great Big Green Week.

Get up bright and early to enjoy the most beautiful sound of the season! Birdsong is at its best at this time of year so bird lovers won't want to miss out. The dawn chorus is nature's best concert.

Aim to meet in the Sussex Road car park at Petersfield Heath at 4.15am, and then walk together to Music Hill: If you miss the group don't worry, just take the footpath to the north from the car park, take the first footpath to the right and you should find the group towards your right.

The walk will be guided by PeCAN trustee Liz Bisset, but we encourage you to download and make use of the free Merlin app, which will help you to identify different bird songs as they occur. Please wear warm clothes and sturdy shoes, bring a hot drink (and breakfast if you wish!), a torch, and something to sit or lie down on. 

Sun rise is at 4.33am. The dawn chorus truly is worth getting out of bed for!