Volunteers and visitors turned out in good numbers to mark PeCAN's public launch yesterday at the Farmers Market in the Town Square. Trustees Liz Bissett and Catriona Cockburn organised a full team of volunteers to man the stall as well as producing hand-stitched PeCAN badges and bunting, posters about climate change and protecting nature, books, stickers and the all-important sign-up sheets.

With a good sized shopping crowd and Andrew Bulmer's sandwich board, most people in the Square knew we were there.  

Lynn Paterson helped to sign up twenty households interested in having a whole-home retrofit service (to be launching soon - more details here). There were lots of children brightening up our corner of the market, plenty of market visitors wearing PeCAN stickers and an encouraging amount of support and interest from the public.

If you couldn't join us that day, we will be at another event soon. Find us at the Alton Eco-Fair on Sunday, 11th July 2021, 10am-4pm in the Public Gardens, Alton.