The Rivers Trust Conference

Tues 15th - Wed 16th March

Binsted Eco Network's brilliant newsletter (sign up if you haven't already - [email protected]) brought this conference to our attention. The UK's rivers are at a real watershed moment, after damning reports on their water quality, huge campaigning efforts, and the underwhelming nature of recent new legislation. Last year, only 16% of England's inland waterways met “good ecological status” and none passed the chemical tests. This free, national online conference will bring together a diverse line-up from the water industry and environmental campaign groups, to discuss how rivers can tackle waste and increase climate resilience. Details and registration here

Meet Petersfield Bicycle Buddies

Sun 20th March 11:15am - 2:30pm

Petersfield Bicycle Buddies is keen to encourage and support cyclists of all abilities to get out on their bikes particularly welcoming new, nervous or rusty riders. Potential new members can drop in for a chat to see what Petersfield Bicycle Buddies has to offer over coffee and cake, chat to existing members, find out about our small group rides,  get their bike set up by a professional who’ll be on hand throughout the event to provide support and guidance and there will be a prize winning quiz. There will also be bikes for sale, refurbished by members of Petersfield Bicycle Buddies and Liss Men’s Shed and available for a small donation.
Check Petersfield Bicycle Buddies website for more information

Methane - It's not only about cows!

Friday 25th March 7pm

Join South East Climate Alliance (SECA) at 7pm on Friday 25 March for a Zoom webinar discussion about the second biggest contributor to global warming behind carbon dioxide. Guest speakers include SECA members, Danny Lee (Petersfield Climate Action Network) and Emily Mott (Weald Action Group) as well as James Turitto (Clean Air Task Force) and maybe others.

Reducing methane emissions is a vital element in combating climate change. Methane is much more potent than carbon dioxide at warming the atmosphere but also shorter lived. Since it only lasts in the atmosphere for around a decade, a lasting change in emissions by itself creates a permanent positive impact.

As well as the importance of methane to the climate crisis, our speakers will be discussing its sources and whether we can turn a problem into a solution by repurposing methane as an energy source. They will walk us through onshore oil and gas regulations, and focus on the battle to reduce emissions from offshore production.

There will be a Q&A interactive session with the speakers for those curious to dig deeper.

Limited places, so sign up here while slots last!

Community Tree Planting

Sat 26th March

On the morning of Saturday 26th March there will be a second community planting day at the Ramshill Estate. We plan to plant 10 fruit trees on a public green space within this estate, in partnership with the Ramshill Residents Association. The new trees will not just improve the visual appearance of the estate, but will also play the important role of enhancing biodiversity and creating habitat connectivity, for birds, mammals and pollinators. We will be planting a selection of Apple, Damson and Greengage trees which will also provide edible crops for residents to enjoy.

If you would like to volunteer to support, please contact Phil Paulo directly at [email protected] or 07551010229.

Can Finance Save the World?

Mon 28th March 6:30pm

Eco Rother Action are hosting an online talk by Steve Waygood.  Steve will lead an interactive session outlining the power for change that any of us with a little money to invest (including our pensions) can have. What are the killer questions that we should be putting to our financial advisors that could have the power to bring about real change?

Steve has always been fascinated by the power of money to change the world. For the last 15 years, he has worked for Aviva Investors, where he founded its Global Responsible Investment team as well as its Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence, which seeks to transform capital markets so that they become more sustainable. He co-founded the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, the World Benchmarking Alliance, and the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative.

ERA is delighted to have guests from PeCAN attending talks but are even more delighted to welcome new members to the group at a very reasonable cost of £5pa which gives you access to all their talks and events, plus more.  Visit ERA's website here where you can join as a member.