East Hampshire District Council has announced a loan scheme to help residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The COSY loan scheme provides up to 100% of the cost of improvements and installation as a five-year interest-free loan. It's for applications made during January and February 2023 and it is available on a first-come first-served basis. The council retains the right to accept or deny any application. There is no appeal process.

The measures include windows and doors replacement (single to double), boiler replacement (old to combi), insulation, solar PV, etc. the list is not exhaustive so if you are interested in another energy efficiency measure not included here, please do contact us using the application form below.

You must have at least two quotes and the loan will fund the cheaper of the two. If you can't apply apply straight away, you can register your interest before the end of February and the council will honour the current loan terms until the end of April.

We've put a few questions to the council to help people understand more about it.

1. Does the homeowner have to get an EPC before applying for this loan? And if yes, do you recommend any particular organisations to carry this out? If there isn’t a current EPC, we ask for one to be carried out. The council don’t recommend any organisations.

2. Are the energy efficiency measures you will help to fund limited to items on the EPC? No, but we would expect the simpler measures to have been completed such as loft insulation. If not, we would consider the other retrofit measures being requested on the application on an individual basis.

3. Would this loan scheme cover items such as new radiators if a homeowner is installing a heat pump? It's possible it could be considered on a individual basis - if the current radiators would be inefficient and not maximise the heat pump we would consider them being included in the loan value.

4. Are there any restrictions to funding if the homeowner is getting a grant fund from elsewhere? No