We are thrilled with the wonderful turnout for our Home Retrofitting webinar!

A big thank you to everybody who attended. It's inspiring to know there are so many people who share our passion to reduce our collective carbon footprint and improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

If you weren't able to attend, the full link to the webinar is now on our YouTube channel:

Do you want to learn more about making eco-friendly changes to your property? This webinar is intended to help people across the community learn more about the retrofit process - what is it all about and what difference could it make to your property and your energy bills?

Retrofit coordinator Julian Williams, who runs Abba Energy, gives a talk, explaining why retrofitting your home is a worthwhile investment. We look at various aspects such as insulation, ventilation, double glazing, solar panels and heat pumps.

Whether you have concerns about the impact your home energy usage has on the planet, or you want to bring down the costs of your energy bills, this webinar will be a useful start and will help you gain greater knowledge and understanding of what is involved.

If you would like to find out more about the Petersfield Area SuperHomes project and the Whole House Retrofit Plan, please check out the page on our website or email [email protected].