Huge thanks to Alton Climate Action Network, Young ACAN and Eco Streets Alton for allowing us to present their impressive and impactful Listen to the Children exhibition at both Eco Cafe and Planet Petersfield on Tuesday 14th February.

In June 2022, ACAN conducted a survey among 7-11 year old primary school pupils in Hampshire, to establish the extent of their knowledge and fears around the climate crisis. 

The exhibition presents 29 of the 115 answers they received - and represents the very real fears of local children. It is a moving and powerful exhibition and photo-book, sharing what local children are asking of us and exploring how we can help to give them a positive future in the face of the climate and nature emergency. 

ACAN hope that this exhibition will inspire you to act now to make sure the children of today will have a world worth living for.

'It is hard to educate people on the necessity of protecting the planet, so perhaps it is time that we instead show them, so that they might find the love for the earth that children seem to be born with. I hope that when viewing this exhibition, and looking through the quotes from the photo-book, you will rekindle your own connection with our earth, and fuel a passion for saving it...'  
Lillie Elwins, Young ACAN Ambassador (full speech here)

PeCAN has a few copies of the wonderful photo-book to lend out to the community, please email us if you would like to borrow a copy.

We should all ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to prevent these fears becoming a future reality for the children of today.