Do you own a small business, and have you heard about LoCASE

The Low Carbon Across the South and East programme is supported by the European Regional Development Fund to provide a free business support programme in the South and East. The aim is to help businesses become more competitive and profitable while protecting the environment and encouraging low carbon solutions.

To do this, LoCASE is offering grants for businesses of up to £20,000 as well as training workshops and fully funded events. However, it is closing in June of this year, and the proposed cut-off date for new applications is March 31st. Approved projects need to be completed, evidenced and paid for by June 30th 2023 to be able to claim the grant funding.

With supply issues ongoing, particularly for solar PV, time is of the essence.

Grants can form up to 40% of the cost of your eligible project, with the remainder matched by your business. Any SME can use this money for installation of energy efficiency measures; the grant can contribute to the cost of materials or equipment and installation. Projects which save on fuel/mileage are also acceptable.

Find out more about what is available to you HERE.