Download: ACAN and PeCAN presentation to local political groups, Feb and March 2023

With local elections coming and the Skidmore report just out on what the UK needs to be to achieve net zero, PeCAN and ACAN have teamed up to attend meetings with local political parties over the next month. The aim is to encourage a public debate in all parties about what central government could prioritise to help us locally in achieving net zero.

Volunteers from the two charities will give a short presentation called "What does East Hants need from Westminster?" which features six policy areas, followed by discussions with the party members at each meeting. The six areas are:

  • Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency
  • Developing more renewable energy
  • Climate-friendly farming and food production
  • Sustainable transport
  • Promoting re-use of goods, waste reduction, recycling
  • Local Empowerment

The meetings will take across the month of February.

Liberal Democrats - Wednesday 1st February - 1.30pm upstairs at One Tree Books, Lavant Street. This event is open to the public.

Green Party - Thursday 9th February - 7.30pm online by Zoom for members only. Joining details are available from Ian James at [email protected].

Conservative Party - Friday 17th February - 6.30pm at Greatham Village Hall, more info here. Members only.

Labour Party - Wednesday 1st March - details TBC 

The political parties each have their own way of gathering policy ideas from members to consider for their manifestos, for example using online tools such as the Conservative Policy Forum and Labour's National Policy Forum, and by collecting ideas from members ahead of party conferences in the case of the Lib Dems and Greens.  We hope our presentations and discussions with the members of each party will help to feed into their policy ideas going forwards in order to help us achieve net zero locally.