Motivated by a desire to support local businesses in becoming more sustainable, PeCAN are once again supporting the Green Business of the Year category at the Petersfield Awards.

PeCAN are sponsoring this Petersfield Award to highlight the efforts local businesses are making, spark conversations around sustainability and share experience and knowledge.

Feedback from local businesses suggests that many owners want to be more sustainable but lack the time, knowledge, and resources to make necessary changes. Others are fully focused on running their businesses and are not aware of opportunities to increase sales of sustainable products and services, or find themselves unprepared for sustainability risks, such as losing business to greener competitors or cost increases linked to unsustainable parts of their supply chains. Some business owners may not know about grants, business tools, and networking opportunities that could help them to capture sustainable business opportunities and address the risks of not doing so.  

The criteria are detailed below. The business you nominate does not need to fit into all these criteria, one will do! These efforts should not go unnoticed, please help us to celebrate them.

Make your nomination now and encourage others to do the same before the deadline on 31st July:



Businesses that have done something innovative, impactful, or inspiring in one or more of these areas:

Environmental Impact: Measures the business's footprint and efforts to reduce energy, water, waste and emissions.

Sustainable Practices: Evaluates eco-friendly sourcing, circular economy initiatives and reduced plastic usage.

Innovation and Green Technologies: Considers adoption of renewable energy, energy-efficient equipment and smart technologies.

Social Responsibility: Assesses community engagement, diversity, fair labour practices and social impact projects.

Education and Awareness: Examines efforts to educate and raise awareness about environmental issues.