A new local cafe specialising in Latin American and Arabic street food, with a sustainable approach to business

We spotted some exciting social media posts on sustainability from the new cafe at 5 Folly Lane, Cantina Rosita, and popped in to meet owner Andrea and manager Anna to find out more.

Cantina Rosita's mission is to celebrate Latin American and Eastern Mediterranean food. Expect empanadas, corn arepas, falafel, kibbeh and a variety of salsas. They aim to offer a more sustainable, planet friendly approach to hospitality, whilst providing great food in a lovely, relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

Andrea, Cantina Rosita’s owner and head chef, is very passionate about living a more green lifestyle and keen to implement this within her business. Anna, Cantina Rosita’s manager, has worked in hospitality for many years and has seen both how unnecessarily wasteful the industry is and how small changes can make a huge difference.

The initiatives that caught our eye were the 10% discount on takeaway food and drink offered when you take your own container or cup to fill, and the fact that they offer their used coffee grounds for free alongside advice on how these can be repurposed.

They say that they always consider 'Reduce, Reuse or Recycle' before making decisions on products, materials and logistics. 


These are some of the approaches they are taking to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint:


  • By keeping the menu small and fluid, offering daily specials and home-made cakes, they are able to keep food waste down

  • They encourage emailed receipts and use black boards for their menus to limit paper use

  • No sachet packaging - instead they use sugar cubes, salt and pepper shakers, sauce bottles

  • They separate their waste: general waste, recycling, glassware, and food waste, to make sure it is properly disposed of

  • To keep their carbon footprint down they use local, responsible suppliers where possible (have a look at @cantinarosita for more information)

  • They use eco friendly, refillable products such as Miniml

  • Where possible they buy stock with minimal packaging - examples include loose fruit and vegetables, cardboard/tin or recyclable materials rather than plastic, ordering in bulk and reusing packaging where possible

  • They use products made from recycled materials that are also reusable or recyclable/compostable, where possible - such as cloths, napkins and straws, takeaway packaging and cutlery, glass bottles or cans for drinks (no plastic), loyalty cards and brand stickers

  • They offer used coffee grounds, which can be used for a multitude of purposes, to everyone, including local parks and gardens

  • Discounts are offered for reusable cups and food packaging to encourage customers to bring their own 


In the future they hope to be able to offer a reusable and returnable coffee cup, they are looking at better and more easily composable packaging, and they want to expand zero waste refill systems in their supply chain.

Cantina Rosita food
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