We asked the four businesses nominated for Green Business of the Year to tell us why they should win the award, and this is what they told us...



Vickie and Victoria at Juniper told us that their business goes well beyond being simply being packaging free.

They tell us that their guiding principles are ever present, and the products they sell must be:

  • Rigorously researched
  • Carefully sourced
  • High quality
  • Truly sustainable

The initiatives and behaviours they particularly want to highlight are as follows:

  1. They don’t tolerate the use of single-use plastic to sell their goods and they minimise all other packaging, vigorously encouraging refilling.
  2. In full knowledge that organic farming methods offer much greater environmental protection, they always source organic produce where possible.
  3. Their bulk liquids are supplied in a circular empty and refill system.
  4. They encourage customers to ‘try before you buy’ and offer generous sampling to encourage as many people as possible to ‘give it a go’.
  5. They source from as nearby as possible, ideally local to Petersfield (e.g. sourdough bread, eggs, honey, spelt flour, vinegar, apple juice – all refillable); or British (e.g. quinoa, oats, peas, spelt pasta, crisps, cleaning and personal care fluids).
  6. Juniper has had stands at local Eco Fairs and also at Alton’s COP26 climate change event. They have talked to the Eco Committee at The Petersfield School and hosted a group of Bedales students who wanted to learn about switching to sustainable alternatives. On the 29th October they will present a talk about zero waste refill shopping to Life Church for their Family Sunday service.


Littleleafplaycafe 3


Little leaf Play Cafe told us that they are beyond thrilled to be nominated for Green Business of the Year. 

Lucy says that the cafe works extremely hard to be as eco friendly as possible.

Examples include using biodegradable bin liners, plastic free and natural cleaning products sourced locally, as well as only using biodegradable single use coffee cups and lids. However, they have now found an even more sustainable solution to this which they will be moving forward with very soon and are very excited about! 

Lucy and Little Leaf feel a strong responsibility to set a good example to the young children who visit the café by highlighting how we can all do our bit to look after our planet.


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Refill and Replenish started five years ago on the Petersfield market where their aim was to help people reduce their single use plastic. Five years on, and despite COVID, Brexit and now the cost of living crisis, they are still on the High Street.

Laura told us that in these five years Refill and Replenish:

  • Moved from a part-time market stall to a full- time shop on the High Street in Petersfield.
  • Employs a team of local staff.
  • Banks ethically with Starling.
  • Actively promotes making better choices in everyday life via their social media posts, Ethical Consumer magazine, and articles written for the Petersfield Post and Beautiful South Magazine.
  • Focuses on reducing their own waste, sharing boxes and large packaging with customers, so they are reused.
  • Attends schools to reach out to children of all ages about the plastic problem we face.
  • Works with local businesses to spread the word about plastic pollution and supplied them with eco cleaning products (The Petersfield Lido, Little Leaf Café, The Canopy Hair Salon)
  • Works with local charities (Final Straw Foundation) to help spread the word about the good work they do.
  • Hosts workshops to help teach people how to make their own cleaning products from scratch with no nasties.

Laura tells us that in 2022 alone Refill and Replenish saved approximately 3,921 plastic bottles from going into landfill or recycling. She hopes that 2023 will see that figure doubled.


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Umbhost Limited, 'the happy hosting company', offers eco friendly hosting and web development.

Aaron told us that the biggest and most important eco-initiative at Umbhost is that they only use data centres running on 100% renewable energy - a mixture of wind, water, and solar power. These data centres are spread out across three countries to ensure as many of Umbhost's customers benefit as possible.

In addition, they purchase tree planting and carbon offsets via their Ecologi forest, to offset any aspects of the service where they can't guarantee renewable energy use.

When Umbhost builds websites for their customers they also take into consideration how much energy is used to download and render the website for the end user.