Each January Petersfield Climate Action Network and Winton House Centre run a popular Christmas Present Exchange in Petersfield. This year’s event took place on Saturday 13th January, and saw 143 unwanted gifts donated, with 80% of them successfully rehomed. Any remaining items were donated to charity.

The exchange takes place on the second Saturday in January. Exchangers are able to deposit items during the first two weeks of the month, they receive a token and can return on exchange day to find something they want. Alternatively, tokens can be donated so that someone else in the community can choose a present.  

PeCAN trustee Suzie Wilde said that the event was “not only a brilliant way to get some presents you actually do want - guilt free! - but also a joy. It was a pleasure to chat with people who shared our hopes for resilience and sustainability. A queue formed outside ahead of opening - so next year, I’ll join them!”

Approximately £4 billionis spent on entirely unwanted gifts each year. This is equivalent to 4.8 million tonnesof CO2 produced from unwanted gifts nationally. But - one man or woman's trash is another's treasure…

The aim of Petersfield Christmas Present Exchange is to reduce waste and provide a route for nice but unneeded gifts to find a new home where they will be more appreciated. Please keep it in mind if you receive something you don’t want next Christmas!

Every time you reuse, regift, repair or recycle something, you are helping to reduce the volume of CO2 consumed every year in Petersfield from the production and transportation of goods.