The Petersfield Eco Fair will take place on Sunday 14th July 2024 at Petersfield Heath, from 10am - 4pm. 

We are looking for a number of local stallholders who can provide interactive activities, interesting discussions, locally sourced, organic, fair trade or recycled products.

If you would like to join us for the day, please read our Stallholder Terms and Conditions and our Eco Fair Sustainability Charter and complete the form below to register your interest. 

We will review your application, and if suitable will send you a link to our payment system to confirm your place.

Stallholder Registration Form

Contact Information
Type of stall
Please provide details of your stall, and if appropriate the type of goods you are selling. This is an Eco-Fair therefore we will prioritise goods and services that are sustainable, locally sourced and ethically produced, and stalls that have interactive displays and interesting and engaging material and/or activities. Please provide a link to your website and some summary text about your organisation/business/goods that we can use to promote your attendance at the fair. We are particularly interested in the way that you are reducing carbon emissions and/or encouraging nature recovery.
You are welcome to bring along your own gazebo and table. If you do this, you must also provide weights to keep the gazebo secure. You can hire a gazebo from us at a cost of £60. You can hire a table from us at a cost of £10. Please indicate your requirements here.
We would like to mimimise the vehicles on the Heath, so volunteers will be on had to help transport smaller items across the site.
Terms and Conditions