This hedging is free thanks to the Tree Council!  You will be directed to Stripe (our online payment provider) but you won't be asked to enter any payment details, just a phone number.

We have a maximum limit of 50m of hedging per household.

Plants come as small bare root whips which will be 60-90cm tall.

They should be planted at 5 plants per metre of hedging so please select the length of hedge you wish to create in metres and we will calculate how many plants you need.

The Native Hedging Mix contains a mixture of 65% Hawthorn and at least 5 other native species to create a traditional hedge. The other 5 variable species are usually made up of Blackthorn, Field maple, Dogwood, Crab apple, Guelder Rose, Dog Rose, and Hazel. 

None of the plants are poisonous to livestock, and they provide a diverse habitat that encourages wildlife who feast on the fruits, seeds and berries the hedge provides. It also creates a natural corridor for the movement of wildlife, and RSBP says that these hedges provide support for up to 80% of our woodland birds.