Reduce your home’s carbon footprint

PeCAN can support you to retrofit your home

Retrofitting means changing your property so that it uses less energy and has lower carbon heating.  For example, by improving insulation and installing a heat pump.  We will show you what you can do to retrofit your home.

What does Petersfield Area SuperHomes offer?

Access to qualified and accredited professionals

Support from Petersfield Area SuperHomes Project Officer

Technical back up from the National Energy Foundation

Subsidies for low and middle income homeowners 

Support to access grants

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What is the first step?

Our Project Officer will arrange a home visit or video call to explain exactly how Petersfield Area SuperHomes works.  We will then put you in touch with a qualified Retrofit Coordinator who will carry out a survey of your property at a very reasonable cost and produce a Whole House Retrofit Plan.  This is a detailed assessment of your property and will include a costed list of the measures you could take to reduce your home’s energy use and carbon footprint.

Are there any subsidies?

Petersfield Area SuperHomes is open to homeowners on all income levels. We provide help with the survey and design costs for homeowners on low and middle incomes.
Low income means you are in receipt of Universal Credit or Pension Credit – we pay 90% of survey cost.
Middle income means you own a property in Council Tax band A, B or C – we pay 50% of survey cost.

What about Government subsidies?

There are several subsidies available for home energy retrofit – and we can help you apply for them. The Renewable Heat Incentive covers most of the cost of installing a heat pump and is not means tested. For homeowners on low incomes, the Green Homes Local Authority Delivery scheme can provide grants of up to £10,000. More information on our Funding and Finance page (coming soon)

What is a SuperHome?

The newly developed national SuperHomes Rating Scheme assesses a home not only on carbon emissions and energy efficiency but also comfort and well-being.  Twenty-five of the properties taking part in Petersfield Area SuperHomes will be offered the option of becoming SuperHome show homes, with videos and case studies showing other people how home energy retrofit can be done and encouraging other homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint.  We will be subsidising the cost of installing monitoring equipment and providing free pre and post property valuations.

What are the benefits of a Retrofit Plan?

A Whole House Retrofit Plan is a comprehensive plan for home improvements that is produced with the aim of ensuring that a property operates as energy efficiently as possible.  It makes sure that improvements are carried out in an organised, sensible order, with installations and refits complementing each other rather than working against each other.  Without expert input, it’s all too easy to spend on an improvement which doesn’t give optimal results.

How is Petersfield Area SuperHomes funded?

Petersfield Area SuperHomes is run by Petersfield Climate Action Network in partnership with the National Energy Foundation and Winchester Action on Climate Change.  The project is funded until April 2023 by the Energy Redress Scheme, operated by the Energy Saving Trust.

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