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Thermal Imaging

Helping you to spot heat loss in your home

In our area the average household emits approximately 4.5 tonnes of CO2e each year.  A key goal at PeCAN is to help homeowners reduce their emissions – at the same time reducing their energy bills and increasing the comfort levels of their home.

For most homeowners, heating will be the largest contributor to their energy bills during the winter months. When it is cold outside all houses lose heat through the roof, walls, floor, windows, and doors. How much heat is lost drives how much heat you need to produce to keep your home warm. So minimising heat loss is one of the most effective ways of reducing your energy bills.

How can you determine where heat is being lost in your home? One approach is to undertake a thermal image survey. A thermal survey can help by identifying hot spots from the outside of your home or cold spots from inside your home using a thermal image camera. Thermal cameras work best when there is at least a 10°C difference between the internal temperature and the external temperature and so surveys are limited to the winter months and are best carried out in the evenings or early mornings.

Thermal images are a great way of seeing directly where heat is being lost from your home, so that you can do something about this.  You may wish to consider installing additional insulation, draught excluders, radiator reflectors, thermal curtains, double or triple glazing and much, much more.

One very effective way of understanding the most appropriate mix of measures for a home is to get a completely independent Whole House Retrofit Survey and at PeCAN we can help to arrange that for the home-owner through our Petersfield Area SuperHomes project.

Thermal House

With the help of our fantastic volunteer team, we are offering a limited number of free thermal imaging visits to local homeowners (in the East Hampshire and Chichester District areas) to help them understand where heat is being lost in their homes.

We are not professional surveyors, but our thermal surveys can provide a good indication of the sources of heat loss associated with a house and raise awareness of the issues so that a homeowner can investigate further.

If you are interested in having a thermal survey, please fill in your contact details below and we will be in touch.

While the surveys are free, we encourage you to consider making a donation to PECAN if you can so that we can continue our work.

Thermal Imaging Request Form

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Phone Number (we will use this to finalise the arrangements for the visit):
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Our Thermal Imaging Visits take place in the early morning or early evening, when there is sufficient temperature difference between internal and external temperatures. We cannot carry out the visits if it is raining. Please indicate any days of the week when you may be available for a visit, and we will do our best to accommodate this.
We would love to carry out thermal imaging visits to as many homes as possible in our local area, but need your help with this. We would love some volunteers to undergo some basic training, and then borrow our camera to carry out basic thermal imaging for their friends and neighbours. You will need a modern smartphone to help with this.
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