This Local Nature Recovery Strategy is yet another huge win for the Wildlife Trusts and part of getting to "30 by 30" (a worldwide initiative for governments to designate 30% of Earth's land and ocean area as protected areas by 2030).

PeCAN Trustee for Nature Recovery Melanie Oxley urges PeCAN supporters to take the survey, and her responses are provided below.

The survey is very short and mainly comprises re-ordering priorities.

Please note - the form closes at the end of March.


These is how Melanie responded:

  1. Enter Petersfield on the map of Hampshire


  1. You are asked to click on 5 boxes of those offered. Melanie chose:

- planting trees and shrubs

- improvements for wildlife

- improvements to increase insects

- reduce mowing

- removing pesticides


Under 'tell us more', Melanie suggested: "Councils and private landowners must do more to increase biodiversity in our area. This should include adopting NoMowMay, providing rough habitat and in particular, caring for veteran trees".


  1. Priorities of the Local Nature Recovery Strategy for Hampshire should be:

Options re-ordered thus:

- increase diversity and abundance of species

- protect and improve rivers

- planting trees

- habitat restoration and creation

- adapting to the challenges of climate change


  1. Helping nature recover is important because:

Options re-ordered thus:

- the natural environment is essential for tackling climate change

- nature protects us from flooding and pollution

- nature is good for our health & wellbeing

- the natural environment provides us with food and raw materials

- we are part of nature and should undo the damage we have done

- nature is good for our jobs & businesses


  1. What barriers stop you from accessing nature?

Your personal response here.

This is followed by a couple of questions about you.


At the end you can identify another location in Hampshire if you wish and even do this repeatedly!