You might have seen signs outside people’s houses saying “I’m a climate voter”. What does it mean and who are we supposed to vote for?

The signs are from a Greenpeace campaign that urges people to make the climate a priority when they vote. It doesn’t say who to vote for, but it does encourage you to find out.

There are websites that, if you put in your postcode, recommend the most electable climate-friendly candidates in your constituency (e.g. or say what climate commitments your individual candidates have made (e.g. The LSE Grantham Institute).

Other websites score the main parties’ overall manifestos on climate and sustainability. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth both rank the Green Party top with 39/40, then the Liberal Democrats with 31.5/40, followed by The Labour Party 20.5/40 and the Conservatives on 5/40.

There are also more detailed write ups. Some of the more impartial ones include those from Carbon Brief, the BBC, and the cross-party think tank Policy Connect.

The short answer is to read the manifestos but if you are running out of time and want to know what climate experts are recommending, some of the links above may be helpful.

If you live in the East Hampshire constituency you can find a detailed account of our Election Hustings on the Environment and what our candidates had to say on the issues raised, here.