21 May 2024

Petersfield Eco Cafe turns two!

Petersfield Eco Cafe turns two this May! Read on to find out more about how it started and what it might become...

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18 Apr 2024

DOUBLE your donation this April with the Big Give!

Fantastic news - PeCAN has been selected for the Green Match Fund, which means that during 18-25 April any donation you make to us will be DOUBLED by Big Give!

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30 Jan 2024

Buriton’s Green Spaces

A quiet revolution has happened in Buriton, thanks to a happy confluence of the Parish Council (PC) and some special expertise, in the shape of Doug Jones.

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23 Jan 2024

The Christmas Present Exchange is a swapsensation!

This year’s event took place on Saturday 13th January, and saw 143 unwanted gifts donated, with 80% of them successfully rehomed.

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21 Nov 2023

How To Talk So That Politicians Listen

No matter how many changes we make in our own lives, real change comes from politicians legislating planet saving policies. But how can we best get them to really listen?

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14 Nov 2023

Planning: Community concern about new cycle route at P...

PeCAN, along with three other community groups, have objected to amendments to the plans for the Penns Field Site, off Heathfield Road in Petersfield.

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26 Sept 2023

Your Nominees for Green Business of the Year!

We asked the four businesses nominated for Green Business of the Year to tell us why they should win the award, and this is what they told us...

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25 Jul 2023

Find out what's cooking at Cantina Rosita!

A new local cafe specialising in Latin American and Arabic street food, with a sustainable approach to business.

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