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How can you reduce the carbon footprint of your home?

Published: 26 Jul 2022

What do you know about making your home more efficient? Check out our carbon calculator which can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Beekeepers praised for engagement with visitors at Eco...

Published: 22 Jul 2022

The Petersfield and District Beekeepers Association were basking in glory after they won the Eco Fair Award for the Best Stall

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How to travel sustainably this summer

Published: 19 Jul 2022

If together we are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, this needs to be reflected in our travel habits. Here are a few ideas about how to use our leisure time. 

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Eco Fair brings community together in fight to save th...

Published: 19 Jul 2022

On the eve of the UK's first extreme heat warning, Petersfield's first Eco Fair raised awareness of the plight of climate change.

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Take the One Tonne Challenge!

Published: 18 Jul 2022

18 July 2022 - What would it take for Petersfield to become carbon neutral? Could your household take the one tonne challenge?

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Petrol Ev Car Pump
Electric cars: why should you consider buying one?

Published: 16 Jun 2022

With petrol prices having hit a new record high every day for the past month, EV ownership is looking more and more attractive.

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Buriton Verge
Results in from No Mow!

Published: 15 Jun 2022

Hampshire roadside verges have grown long and floral as a result of local council support for No Mow May, the Plantlife campaign to increase plant and insect diversity.

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SuperHomes Prize draw

Published: 26 May 2022

PeCAN launches a prize draw to win a free home survey and 'Whole House Retrofit plan'.

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Petersfield Eco Fair

Published: 09 May 2022

Come along to the Heath on Sunday 17th July to this exciting event “celebrating earth-friendly living”, a fun, informative day-out for all the family!

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